How To Draw Lips From The Side

Hello friends, in this article I will show you how to draw lips from the side. This is a short tutorial and I will keep it simple. So here we start with the material you need.

Material you need
  • Smooth Paper
  • HB Pencil
  • Kneadable Eraser
  • Blending Tools
  • Flat Surface To Draw

Before starting the tutorial I want to tell you that this on drawing lips sideview if you want to draw lips from the front then click here

How to draw lips from the side

Here we start our step by step tutorial

Step 1- Start with a triangle

Draw a triangle to draw base for the lips. Draw it wih a light pencil

Step 2- Draw a line in the middle of triangle

Draw a straight line in the middle of triangle. This line divide the section for the upper lip and the lower lip.

Step 3- Draw the upper lip

Draw the upper lip by using guideline

Step 4- Draw the lower lip

Now draw the lower lip also

Step 5- Complete the both lips

Now comlete the both lips and erase the all guidelines that we draw in the starting

Step 6- Start the shading

Start the shading of the lips. Use a light pencil in the starting and then go with the darker. It gives lips a realistic look

Step 7- Add more layer

Add more layer of shading and use kneadable eraser to highlight the area.

Step 8- Add more layer

Use more dark pencil to give lips more realistic look. Use a mono eraser or kneadable eraser to make some highlight.

Step 9- Shade the skin

Now shade the skin arund the lips with a light pencil. Do not use too much pressure on the pencil. Make some final touch ups and your drawing is ready to pop up

This is a short tutorial on how to draw lips from the side. If you want to learn how to draw a nose from the side then click here

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Ravi Gundal: My name is Ravi Gundal. I am an artist and I created this website to help you draw.
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