How to Draw lips for beginners

Lips are the one of mose beautiful part of our body. These are very likely to our fingeras these also have unique print. In this article I will show you how to draw lips. This is my easiest method to draw lips. If you like then you can also try this.

Here we start

So before we start there are some tools you need to draw and the tools are

  • Smooth Paper
  • Pencils with different shades
  • EraserBlending stumps
  • Flat surface

Now we can start

Step 1- Draw a horizontal line

Draw a horizontal line according to the size of the lips you want to draw. This is the base line of your drawing. Draw it very lightly because it is very easy to erase.

Step 2- Draw a vertical line

Now draw a vertical line on the horizontal line. Draw it in the middle of the line. Draw it with a light pencil.

Step 3- Draw a bow shape

Draw a shape like bow and arrow

Step 4- Draw the lip shape

Now draw the shape of lips from the bow and erase the remaining part

Step 5- Shade the upper lip

Now shade the upper lip with a light pencil.Use blending stumps to blend it.

Step 6- shade the lower lip

Now shading the lower lip also with a light pencil and blend.

Step 7- Draw some wrinkles

Draw some wrinkles on the lips. The wrinkles gives a realistic look to the lips

Step 8- Make some highlights with kneadable eraser

Use the kneadable eraser to highlight the lighter area of the lips. You can also use mono eraser if you have one.

Step 9- Repeat the process

Now repeat the process add some shading with dark pencil and blend with blending tool. Add some wrinkles. Highlight the lighter area

Step 10 : Final Touchups

Use the darker pencil to make lips more natural shape

This is a short tutorial on how to draw lips for beginners. If you want to learn more then follow The Ravi arts

If you like my tutorial then share it with you friends also.

Thank you.

Ravi Gundal: My name is Ravi Gundal. I am an artist and I created this website to help you draw.

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  • Thanks again. I’m really happy with your teaching. Beginners will learn from your work. If you have time please do a session on drawing legs. I need help.

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