How To Draw A Face Side View

Hello everyone, my name is Ravi Gundal and today I will show you how to draw a face side view. In this tutorial, I am using a female face refference. So if you are struggling in drawing a face from sideview then this article is for you. I will show you the step by step process on how to draw a female face from the side. So read this article and keep practice.

Tools you need :

  • paper
  • pencil
  • kneadable eraser
  • Flat surface to draw
  • blending stumps

So now we can start our drawing

how to draw a face side view

Step 1 : Draw a circle

Start with a circle. It is base for the head shape. draw it with a light pencil

Step 2 : Draw face outline

Draw out line for the face as shown in figure. You can use a refference to draw outline

Step 3 : Draw a vertical line for drawing different parts

Draw a vertical line close to the circle for measuring the different part like eyes, nose, lips etc. Draw the neck part also.

Step 4 : Draw lines for eyes, nose and lips

Before drawing guide line for the eyes, nose and lips, you have to know where these parts have to be drawn. Eyes are in the middle of our face. So draw a mark in the middle of the vertical line to draw the eyes. Divide the lower middle part into two equal parts with a mark and draw a short line on this mark. This mark is for the nose and divide the remaining part into two section for drawing the line for the lips in as shown in figure. If you don’t understand what I am saying you can see in the image. If you have any doubt ask me in the comment section.

Step 5 : Draw the shape of the nose and lips

Now draw the shape of the nose and the lips. If you don’t know how to draw lips and nose from sideview then click here

Step 6 : Draw shape of the eye

Now draw the shape of the eye. Full tutorial on how to draw eyes from the side is coming soon. After drawing the eye shape draw eyebrows

Step 7 : Draw the ear and hair

Erase all the extra lines and ear shape and start drawing hair.

Step 8 : Shade the eye

Now the basic structure of the face is ready. Its time to shade the face. Start with the eye.

Step 9 : Lips

After shading the eye, shade the lips.

Ear :


Hair :

Step 10 : Final touch ups

Give some final touches to your drawing and your drawing is ready

This is a short tutorial on how to draw a face from the side. This is a simple side view face drawing. I hope you like it. If you like my tutorial, then share with your friends also.

Ravi Gundal: My name is Ravi Gundal. I am an artist and I created this website to help you draw.
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