How To Draw A male Face

Drawing a human face is not a easy task. We have to draw every part in fix proportion like eyes, nose mouth etc. So in this tutorial I will teach you how to draw a male face easily. So before starting, there are some tools you should have for drawing.

Tools you need to draw
  • Smooth Paper
  • HB Pencil
  • kneadable Eraser
  • Blending tools
  • Flat surface to draw

Now you can start your drawing

How to draw a realistic male face with pencil

Step 1- Start with a circle

First of all draw a circle. This is the base for our drawing.

Step 3- Divide circle into four equal section

Now divide the circle into four equal section

Step 3- Draw the guide line for the face

Now draw the guide line for the face as shown in figure

Step 4- Draw the guideline for the eyes, nose and lips

Draw the guideline for the eyes, nose and lips. Draw a line in the lower half circle that is in the middle of the half circle. For the nose draw a line which is at equal distance from eye line and the faceshape. For lips divide the remaining section into two equal parts as shown in figure. See the figure if you don’tunderstand properly. If you want to know how to draw a human face male

Step 5- Draw the eye shape

draw the eye shape on the second line in the circle. The gap between two eyes is equal to the length of one eye.

Step 6- Draw shape for eyebrow

Draw shape for the eyebrows and draw two vertical lines from the inner end of the both eyes as shown in figure. This is base for the hape of nose.

Step 7- Draw the nose

Now draw the nose between the two vertical line we draw in previous step

Step 8- Draw the lips and the ears

From the centre of the eye draw two line for the lips as shown in figure and draw the ear

Step 9- Erase all the guide lines and draw neck

Erase all the guide lines that we are drawing from beginning because we have drawn our all main part of the face and draw the neck shape.

Step 10- Draw hair

Now here is the final step. Draw the hair on the head.

This is short tutorial on how to draw a male face realistic if you like it then share it to your friends. Thanknyou

Ravi Gundal: My name is Ravi Gundal. I am an artist and I created this website to help you draw.
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