How to Draw Eyebrow

how to draw an eyebrow

Hi Friends, my name is Ravi Gundal and today I will show you how to draw eyebrows on paper. But I want to tell that before starting draw eyebrow you must know how to draw an eye. If you do not know how to draw an eye you can read my article HOW TO DRAW AN EYE. It will help you to draw an eye easily. Now we can start.

But before starting eyebrows drawing you will need some tools to draw and the tools are

  • Smooth Paper
  • Pencils with different shade
  • Eraser
  • Flat Surface to draw

before staring the tutorial there are some tips and tricks you can follow

  • Use curved strokes to draw hair of eyebrow do not you straight strokes because it gives very unrealistic look
  • Use very light pencil
  • Do not use too much pressure on pencil
  • Use random strokes instead of using strokes in lines because it makes eyebrow unrealistic
  • Use very sharp and dull pencil according to your need

Now we can start our tutorial on how to draw perfect eyebrows step by step

How to draw eyebrow

Step 1- Draw an eye

Before drawing eyebrow, you have learn how to draw an eye. If you don’t know how to draw an eye then read my article


Step 2- draw the outline for eyebrow

Draw the outline for the eyebrows sketch.use refference image to draw boundries if you can not draw from your self. Use a light pencil to draw as it is very easy to erase.

Step 3- Draw eyebrows the first layer of hair

Draw the first layer of hair. Use very light pressure on pencil. use random strokes instead of strokes in lines because it looks very unrealistic.

Step 3- Apply second layer of hair of eyebrows

Apply the second layer of hair. Use layer one by one insted of using direct dark pencil because it looks very messy at the end.

Step 4- More and more layer to draw eyebrows

Now add more layer one by one

Step 5- apply some more layer with light pencil

Now add some moe layer of he strokes to fill the eyebrow completly.

Step 6- Blend the eyebrow

Now blend the eyebrow using a brush or you any blending tool like blending stumps, cotton bud or tissue paper.

Step 7- Use a darker layer to make eyebrow more realistic

Now grab a darker pencil and start drawing strokes to make eyebrow looks more realistic.

Step 8- Add more layer

Add more layers of strokes as shown in figure.

Step 9- Use blending tool to blend eyebrow

Use a blending tool to blend eyebrow so it looks more realistic.

Step 10- Add final touchups

I am doing some detail using a dark pencil. You can also add some more details or you can use a refference image for help. After this your drawing is ready to pop up.

This is a short tutorial on how to draw eyebrows step by step on paper. I hope you like it and this is my method to draw easy eyebrow drawing if you some other then write down in the comments section below.

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