How To Draw Two Eyes Step by Step Easily

Hi there , today I will show you how to draw two eyes step by step together. This is a short tutorial and I will keep it simple. but before starting, if want to know how to draw one eye the read my article

Tools you need before start to draw
  • Smooth Paper
  • pencil
  • Kneadable Eraser
  • Blending tools
  • Flat surface to draw

now you can start your drawing

Step 1- Draw a horizontal line

Draw a horizontal line using a light pencil. This line is used as a guideline for eye to keep them in a order

Step 2- Divide line into three equal section

Divide line into three equal section. Two for the eyes and one is the space between the eyes because the between the eyes is also equal to the size of the eyes

Step 3- Draw the shape of the eyes

Now draw the shape of the eyes. Draw the basic almond shape or fish shape. I know eyes are not like almond but for a beginner we can this shape.

Step 4- Draw the iris

Draw the iris in the both eye. Iris is the black circle shape in the eye and ain the centre of the iris pupil is located Draw the iris as shown in firure.

Step 4- Erase the horizontal line

Now erase the horizontal line

Step 5- Draw the pupil

Draw the pupil in the both eyes. Try to make both in equal size otherwise these look very different and drawing looks very bad.

Step 6- Fill the pupil

Now use a dark pencil to fill the pupil . Use pencil according to your choice 4b, 6b or 8b

Step 7- Shade the iris

Now shade the irise use aless dark pencil to shade the iris. Use the bliending stumps to blend very well. If you don’t have one then you can use another tool to blend, read my article

f Make a light reflecton to the eyes by using mono eraser, but if you don’t have one you can make a little circle above the pupil before shading and don’t shade this circle. this is how you can make a reflection into the eyes. Make outer area of the iris black to give eye more realistic look. Complete the iris work and start drawing eyebrows

Step 8- Draw the eyelids

Now draw the eyelids. Start from the upper eyelids. Don’t use straight pencil because it makes our drawing very unrealistic. Use curved strokes. after drawing the eyelids shade the skin around the eye and blend it very well

Step 9- Draw the eyebrows

Now its time to draw eyebrows. Use the same method which we used to draw eyelids use the curved stroke instead of straight. If you want to learn how to draw eyebrows completly then read my article

Step 10- final touchup

Add some final touch to you drawing if you find any mistake then correct it and your drawing is ready to pop up

This a short tutorial on how to draw two eyes step by step. If you have any questionask me in comment section below. If you like my tutorial share it with your friends. Thank you

Ravi Gundal: My name is Ravi Gundal. I am an artist and I created this website to help you draw.

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  • Thank you so much!! I can't believe I would be able to draw realistic eyes ☺️☺️☺️

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