Different Types of Erasers

Usually pencils makes mistakes when it comes to drawing. When you are a beginner you make a lots of mistakes. So the right eraser is main thing you need to correct your drawing. Today I am going to tell you about five different types of erasers.

There are mainly five types of eraser –

  • Rubber Eraser
  • Kneadable Eraser
  • vinyl Eraser
  • Gum Eraser
  • Pencil Eraser

Rubber Eraser

This is the most common eraser. We are using it since our childhood. This is a classic eraser in the shape of a rectangle and mostly in pink colour. But there are many more colours in this variety. This looks like a gum eraser but a little hard than a gum eraser. It is easy to use and work well on paper. You can use it for the wide area to erase.

Uses :

These are the most commen used eraser. We are using these from childhood. These are mainly used for removing graphite, charcoal etc.

Kneadable Eraser

This eraser is very useful specially in highlighting the area and put some detail in your portraits. This is very elastic and can be molded in any shape. This eraser abosorb graphite and charcoal into it and give a very fine touch in our drawing. This is very cheap and useful and every artist should have this.

Uses :

As you this eraser can be moulded in any shape, so it is useful for very low and very large area. It is used for removing a number of drawing material like graphite, charcoal, chalk and pastel.

Vinyl Eraser

Vinyl eraser are also called plastic eraser. These are very hard and specially for the use of drafter. These are so hard that these can damage our paper.

Uses :

These eraser are very rough. These are mainly used by the drafter. I do not recommend it for the artists

Gum Eraser

These are the softest eraser. Very easy to use and can’t damage the paper that we use for drawing.

Uses :

As these are very soft. These are very useful if you are doing very delicate drawing on soft paper.

Pencil Eraser

pencil eraser are not the eraser which are placed on the top of our pencil in pink colour. These in the form of pencil and can be sharpen lake a pencil. These are also hard like vinyl eraser and can damage our paper. So very have to use it carefully.

Uses :

These are very useful in detailed drawing because these can be sharpen like a pencil.

So these are the five different types of Erasers for drawing which are used by artist in daily life

In addition there is another eraser I used in my drawing and that is tombo mono eraser. I am using it for a little long time.

Mono Zero Eraser

eye drawing easy

This is very useful tool in realistic drawing. this is in round shape with 2.3 millmeter diameter eraser. this is very useful espesially in animal fur and portraits. So you can also use this if you want.

Best eraser for colour pencil :

If you love to draw with the colour pencil, then it is very difficult to eraser. But in this case you can use Tombow Mono Sand eraser. It is best for colour pencil.

An electric eraser is also a good option for erasing color pencil.

Best Eraser For Graphite Pencils :

Kneaded eraser are the best for the graphite pencil. These can lighten the area by simple tapping or rolling. These are very cheap and you can buy these easily from any stationery shop.

Best Eraser For Charcoal Pencils :

Putty eraser are the best for charcoal pencils because it collects charcoal inside itself without leaving any crumbs. So this is the best eraser for the charcoal pencil.

These are the mainly used erasers by most of artists.

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