How To Draw A Dog For Kids Easy

Hi friends, in this article I will show you how to draw a dog for kids easy. So without further delay let get started.

before starting your drawing there are some tool you need to make your drawing realistic. So here are some tools you need before start

Tools you need

  • paper
  • pencil
  • kneadable eraser
  • Flat surface to draw
  • blending stumps

So now we can start our drawing

Step 1 : Draw a circle

Start with a circle

Step 2 : Divide circle into four equal parts

Now divide the circle into four equal parts.

Step 3 : Draw a guide line for the eyes of the dog

Now draw a line parallel to the horizontal line from the midpoint of the upper radius of the circle as shown in figure below.

Step 4 : Draw two circles for the eyes

Now draw two small circle on the on the midline of the upper semi circle. These circles are the base for the eyes.

Step 5 : Draw the nose of the dog

On the lower horizontal line draw the nose shape. Use a refference image for it.

Step 6 : Draw the mouth shape

Draw the mouth shape of the dog using the guide line as shown in figure below.

Step 7 : Draw the ear shape

Now draw the ear shape on the outside of the large circle.

Step 8 : Eraser all the guide lines

Now erase all the guidelines that we draw early

Step 9 : Final touch-up

Darken the eyes and the nostrils of the dog and draw moustaches or you can call fur of the dog. You basic drawing of a dog is ready.

This is a basic drawing of a dog. You can draw this easily by my Step by step tutorial. But if you want tohow to draw a realistic dog step by step, then we can go further.

Here are some more steps to draw a dog step by step. You can follow these steps to draw a dog realistic easily.

Step 1 : Draw the shape of the face

Draw the shape of the face of the dog. You can use a refference image for this

Step 2 : Erase the guidelines

erase all the guide lines of the face of the dog

Step 3 : Draw eyes and nose

Draw eyes and nose of the dog.

Step 4 : shade the nose

Shade the nose to make more realistic

Step 5 : Start the shading of the face

Now start the shading of the face. Start with a light shading. Use a light pencil to make a base layer of shading.

Step 6 : Add more shading

Now grab a dark pencil and add more shading to make drawing look more realistic.

After shading the face you have to blend it well. You can use a paint brush, tissue paper or a blending stumps. I am using here a Blending stump

There are many more blending tools you can use in your drawing. If you want to know then click here

Step 7 : More shading

Now grab a more dark pencil and add the darker shading.

Step 8 : Draw fur

To make dog looks more realistic, you have to make realistic fur. You simply make realistic fur by using a mono zero eraser and a well sharpen pencil or you can make small random strokes on the paper. You can add some highlights by using mono zero eraser. I am using here a mechanical pencil but you can use here any pencil you want.

Add highlights by using a mono zero eraser

Step 9 : Final touch ups

Draw some hair in eyebrows section and moustache. Make some final touches and your drawing is ready to pop up

This is a tutorial on how to draw a dog for kids easy. This is my method I use to draw dogs. If you like my article then share it with your friends also.


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