How To Hold a Pencil Correctly

To improve your drawing, it is very important to know how to hold a pencil correctly. There are many different ways to hold a pencil. By holding pencil in different ways you can create a variety in your drawing. So in this article I will talk about the different ways to hold a pencil. There are majorly three ways that you can use to hold a pencil correctly.

These are the three ways I used to hold pencil correctly

  • The basic grip
  • The over hand grip
  • The paint brush grip

The basic grip

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This is the traditional grip is also called writing grip. Someone probably from you use this grip in writing. In drawing, it is used to draw small portion of a big drawing. In this grip forefinger, middle finger and thumb are used to make a triangle around the pencil. This grip is mostly used in drawing and I am using it since my childhood

The overhand grip

It is a very useful grip. It is mainly used for drawing the large area and also useful in shading. To make this grip, grasp the pencil lightly against the finger with flat of thumb. I also used this grip in my sketches and believe me this is very useful in drawing.

The Paintbrush grip

In this grip pencil is held like a Paintbrush. This is also a useful way to hold. This grip gives a light pressure on pencil nib and create equal shading all over the surface. This grip is used for shading larger area in drawing.

So these are the main grips how to hold a pencil and you should also use these. Follow The Ravi arts for more tutorials. If you like my article then share it with your friends also.

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